LED Note Board Night Light

LED Note Board Night Light

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Introducing an imaginative and entertaining 3D night light message board kit, complete with a pen for your DIY creativity!

Crafted with precision, our optically engraved acrylic panels are perfect for handicrafts, confession romance boards, children's teaching comic calligraphy, and amusing paintings. Paired with LED night lights, neon strips, these creations make unique gifts, setting the stage for a romantic atmosphere. Experience novel 3D visual effects that elevate your artistic endeavors.

Enhanced Reliability with Dual Power Supply and Safety Features

The DIY blank board 3D night light holder offers versatile power options, connecting seamlessly via USB or running on 3 AA batteries (not included). Ensuring safety with low voltage, double resistance protection, and minimal working heat, it combines convenience with secure functionality.

Ideal Present and Exquisite Decor Accents

Elevate your gifting with our innovative Creative DIY Message Board 3D Night Lights—novel birthday, Christmas, and Valentine's gifts. Perfect for kids, babies, or your special someone, they make delightful holiday presents. Beyond that, these lights double as bedroom decorations and bring a playful touch to family gatherings, making them a versatile and charming addition to any occasion.

Effortlessly Write and Effortlessly Clean – A Seamless Experience

The acrylic dry erase board surface invites smooth writing with dry erase markers, ensuring an easy-to-clean and durable experience. A helpful tip: kindly remove the protective film from the board's surface before use for optimal performance.

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